Must Have Essential PC Gaming Accessories

4 Must Have Essential PC Gaming Accessories

We’ll focus on different accessories you can do to your main gaming setup peripherals, like your mouse and keyboard. Kind of make them you know better, to achieve that end game status. Anything you like I’ll have it all listed in Gameller Marketplace so you can check it out.

The Lizard Skins Mouse Grip

The Lizard Skins Mouse Grip was built off years of research in order to create the perfect Mouse Grip for gaming and also casual home use. Lizard Skins Grip is the leader in hand to grip interface. A company called ‘Lizard Skins’ who used to make or they still do. but they make bat grips. Okay, so like a skin for your bat. They recently released a brand new lineup for gaming peripherals. Now lizard skins are selling grips for your mouse and controller and as you can see we pretty much have every color offering here from black, black camo gray, camo, red camo, red, orange, yellow, green, teal and blue.

Must Have Essential PC Gaming Accessories

The point here is admittedly pretty straightforward, the skins are going to give you extra grip and cushioning really on your mouse, whether on the sides, the left, and right clicks, it’s up to you. The lizard skin sheets are about 4 by 6 inches and are 0.5 millimeters thick.

They also include an alcohol pad for rubbing it down plus a tracing sticker if you want to mainly try to trace and cut the outlines of your mouse yourself.

This is something that’s going to require a lot of patience and time to do if you want to turn out right. It’s pretty much like cutting and applying your very own custom brand skin, just take your time. The blue skin on my model did turn out pretty poor,

I’d say for my first cut, but honestly who cares if it doesn’t come out right or perfect. You know who’s going to be seeing this besides you in your house, but then I cut some skins from my razor viper ultimate with the black camo, and applied that to the left and right clicks. That came out much much better. Then I did the same and I cut some teal side grips for my custom ultra light 2 mouse and that matches the theme perfectly.

Must Have Essential PC Gaming AccessoriesYou have extra layer of switching up your mouse aesthetic, from different colors, and camo combos, and in this age of lightweight mice don’t worry that grips don’t add much weight at all. An entire sheet is 8 grams, but realistically if you’re cutting it for just the grips, or the left and right clicks, it’d only add an additional 2 grams to mouse.

Just one helpful tip to anybody who doesn’t want to cut and trace their own skins, and I hope they expand on this. its when you’re picking a color at checkout, you’ll notice there’s an additional installation guide and template link under the thickness, and then from there they actually have eight full templates of mice currently on the market.

You can actually print a one-to-one ratio, trace the outline and cut the skins perfectly. I really dig this idea, it’ll make it much much easier than trying to eyeball it yourself like i did. They’re only $14, so again not too bad, just for that extra layer of grip.

G-Floats Ceramic Feet

Next up underneath my model is something pretty special, and a brand new release from Glorious as well. This is going to be their polished ceramic feet, known as G-Floats Ceramic Feet, currently they say it’s only available for the model O and model O minus. Realistically, what’s stopping you from using this on whatever mice you have, but yeah I’ll be using this on my current modded model O.

Must Have Essential PC Gaming Accessories

Installation is very SIMple once you remove your current G-skate Each sort of foot already has a slight lip around it, so it just falls right into place. You hold it for a few seconds, and then it’s gonna feel like you got a brand new mouse. You’ll be good to go, and even you won’t be seeing it because it’s the bottom of your mouse. They look really nice, the dark ceramic is a nice visual touch. They do say to get the most out of it adjust your liftoff distance and their software to three millimeters, but obviously what matters here is the feel, the response what’s going to make ceramic feet worth the upgrade.

Well first off the glide you get now is just incredibly smooth, really on any surface since they’re flat. Your glides are going to be consistent when it comes to muscle memory, and that’s what you want. That’s what’s going to be important, and that’s what gives them the edge over round ceramic feet currently out there from a company called Lexip. But whether it’s a cloth pad, a hybrid pad, a hard textured mouse pad you’re still gonna have that consistency. Another big reason why people like ceramic feet is the fact that they don’t wear down over time like PTFE feet do.

So you’re never gonna have to actually replace these, unless you physically do something to break them. But obviously, with this type of material you don’t want to use it on a piece of wood right, you’re going to want a mouse pad to complement it.

Razer Akari & Fnatic Dash

Going along with that we can now transition into the third act and that’s going to be two separate mouse pads that i picked up. they are going to be a great complement to either PTFE feet or ceramic. We have the brand new Razer Akari and the Fnatic Dash. So let’s start with the new Razer Akari first, because I just mention to you the ceramic feet. If you’re someone who wants the fastest possible combo out there, then holy hell, look no further, because this is crazy.

Must Have Essential PC Gaming Accessories

The Akari here is beaded hard texture surface. If you look close, then yeah, you can see those individual beads pretty much embedded into it with the resin. So it’s still going to give you that hard feeling surface to the touch, and in theory this is pretty SIMilar to the popular Artisan Shetinka mousepad that I showed off, but it’s much thinner with less padding.

It comes in at two millimeters tall, and this size is their large size. It’s the only one currently available at 420 by 320 millimeters. So using this and checking it out with ceramic feet definitely a slick fast response that you’re gonna have. Which will be good if you wanna play at like 200 DPI, but in reality this combo does make it pretty tough when it comes to control and stopping power. you know this is pretty much going to be optimized for PTFE feet like they have on their viper ultimate.

Must Have Essential PC Gaming Accessories

That’s pretty much what they advertise, alongside and with PTFE, and not even ceramic it is still super fast. Literally whatever you’re using this with, it’s gonna make it feel like it’s on ice. It is definitely a unique texture that I’m sure a lot of people are gonna love. But like I said before, I’m more of a hybrid texture kind of guy myself, so this isn’t for me. Like I said, if you want the fastest of the fast, learning the Razer Akari is gonna be a trip. Let me tell you, do a glide test, and a sound test, you could hear how it sounds and performs with PTFE and ceramic.

Unrelated, but i had to do it, and then for the Fnatic Dash this is my new go-to if you will, as it is a hybrid polyester blend with a uniform horizontal and vertical glide in the surface. And it provides, I’d say the best of both worlds, for a fast low friction glide, which is going to give you control and stopping power, it’s also liquid resistant. So if you knock over your water bottle on your desk, the liquid won’t soak into the pad, and it’ll give you a pretty quick and easy cleanup.

Must Have Essential PC Gaming Accessories

The stitching on the side is super tight and minimal, you won’t even feel it on your wrist. And the bottom is all rubber, so it’s not going to budge on your desktop. And on the bottom right side with a pretty small holographic logo, which all in all it’s still going to tick that visually minimalist box. This size is the extra large desk, size at 950 millimeters by 500 millimeters, but it also comes in a smaller 487 by 372 millimeter version which is still considered large.

The Bigger The Better

I’m definitely more of a full desk pad guy for my mouse and keyboard, so this is what i’ve been using recently and i am loving it. Before as you may know I made the Madcatz Glide 38 for well over a year now. At this point I think this hybrid polyester surface gives me a bit more control versus that, while still feeling buttery smooth with PTFE feet on my Viper Ultimate. Which I mean, the same can be said for the ceramic feet, again this is going to feel much much better on this versus the aquarium.

Must Have Essential PC Gaming Accessories

I think that’s just too slick of a combo, and combining the ceramic with the dash is still going to give you a little bit more extra cushioning and stopping power, but it is still going to be pretty hard to. Kind of perfect when it comes to stopping on a dime, and flicks with the head shots. I think this combo is going to be best for those through motion shots when you’re getting into the flow of the game.

Now I will 100 percent say with confidence, that if you take the time to perfect, and really just train the muscle memory to use ceramic feet with the Fnatic Dash, I think the payoff in the end will be huge. It’s a deadly combo, the Razer Akari is $60 bucks, which is pretty hefty for a mouse pad at this size, and the extra large desk version of the Fnatic Dash is $55.

So that’ll wrap it up for episode one of presenting off three different sort of categories of mods and accessories that you can do to your mouse, starting with the The Lizard Skins Mouse Grip, and the two complementary mouse pads. If you will I want to hear your thoughts let me know, comment down below what you think about it, if you have any suggestions for mods accessories hacks and I do have some things in mind for next review already, which would more so be focusing on keyboards, but I want to hear your thoughts.

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