Blockchain Platforms Empowering Investors in a Gaming Industry

Blockchain Platforms Empowering Investors in a Gaming Industry

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With over 60,000 registrations, more than 40,000 ingame withdrawals and over 500 million mined tokens, Game Machine is offering investors the ideal opportunity to profit from the growing global gaming market.

The broad amount of options

The Game Machine project is a robust platform that is offering individuals the opportunity to synergize with key industry influencers while exploring the numerous opportunities present within the over $116 Billion worth gaming marketplace.

The platform is designed to give investors access to the crowdfunding platform with analytics and interest rating from all participating gamers. Users through the transparent blockchain processes can also make preferred choices from the various options and unlimited information that is made available over several high-quality products.

Teamwork matters

Despite the significant growth that is being experienced within the gaming industry, a lot of potential remains untapped due to the absence of genuine efficiency across the key players in the industry. The existing system does not sufficiently permit a mutual working environment as these participants function as independent entities that look out for their personal interests. Investors, developers and gamers themselves have all pursued their own independent goals, leaving each group with the circumstance of expending so much energy and resources for some limited rewards.

By implementing the blockchain, Game Machine creates an environment where everyone can arrive on the same platform, working in a transparent platform and making for easy communication between themselves and investors as well. Hence, this setup is poised to unleash the industry’s potential and engineer a boost in the markets – what a time to be an investor in the gaming industry.

Specific platform benefits

Besides the general benefits that are made available for participants by the basic Game Machine arrangement, project investors are offered specific bonuses and incentives. For example, investing in the Game Machine project qualifies an individual to mine the platform’s underlying Game Machine token. This is possible through the implementation of the platform’s Proof-of-Authority (or Proof-of-Gamer) protocol. Also, investors will enjoy further extended benefits with include the opportunity of being invited to the special club with exclusive big discounts and sales for the majority of crowd sales from crowdfunding platform. Top-tier investors will also be able to get a part of all tokens, released by every project.

The opportunity to invest in the Game Machine project is made available through the project’s ongoing token sale which lasts until January 31 2018. By this time, the project has already raised almost $2 000 000.

Blockchain disrupts

The gaming industry is experiencing a significant growth and expansion. This is largely as a result of the various innovations taken place which have seen the industry grow from a recreational environment towards a field of professional endeavour.

The current disruption that is brought about by blockchain technology and the associated innovations is bound to enhance extended growth of the gaming industry, making it ripe for investors who are looking to make significant profit in the near future.


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