How Participatory Marketing Is Building Buzz For Gaming

How Participatory Marketing Is Building Buzz For Gaming

A PSFK research paper explores the use of interactive platforms for promoting new releases in gaming

Video game studios and digital entertainment companies are increasingly turning to interactive platforms and narratives in an effort to capture the attention of their target audiences and promote important releases.

PSFK researchers took a closer look at how online live streams are being used in marketing to encourage viewers to interact with content in new ways, and highlighted a couple of examples:

Twitch × Amazon Prime Video Amazon Prime Video and its creative production collaborator Tool of North America launched an interactive gaming experience for the promo campaign for the second season of the Amazon original series The Grand Tour, which was live-streamed on Twitch. They produced a real-life version of the Battleship game using explosives and cars and featured a life-size game board with different tiles on a grid. Two Twitch influencers were pitted against each other to play the game on a live stream, and custom overlays were programmed to create a gaming experience that allowed viewers to interact in several ways, such as joining teams and clicking and selecting tiles on the grid.

Nintendo Direct Nintendo Direct is a recurring online live-stream series for Nintendo-related announcements, including game reveals. In 2017, Nintendo hosted 10 Direct events that released details on big 2017 Switch games such as Splatoon 2, Arms, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors. Dates and times are revealed a few days before the live streams air. They occur every couple of months, lasting upwards of an hour.

Live streaming the reveals of graphics and information about forthcoming video game releases online increases a sense of community among gamers, as well as building hype. Nintendo Directs have proved to be very popular with fans, making them feel more engaged with the company and its popular Switch console. With each event announcement, gamers themselves generate more buzz by speculating about which game will be announced and what will be revealed about it. For more insights, check out our recent research paper, Building the Next Gaming Experience.

Lead Image: Nintendo Direct via YouTube


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