Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Multi Device Mouse

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Multi-Device Mouse

Success in a multi-device world with M720 Triathlon Mouse. You will easily power through tasks by switching seamlessly between 3 computers, laptops and fly through documents and web pages with super-fast scrolling. Boosted efficiency means this Bluetooth and Unifying mouse lasts for 24 months on a single AA battery. All that in a full-size shape fitting comfortably inside your hand.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Multi Device Mouse

I’ve been using the Logitech M720 for almost three years now it’s been a great experience. It’s such a great alternative to the MX Master II, but it’s not perfect The mouse has bluetooth 4.2 and the Logitech unifying receiver, and you can pair it to a maximum of three different devices at a time. Once paired you can quickly switch to each device, however it takes roughly three seconds to move smoothly after each switch, but other than that it’s a great experience.

A common setup for this is to use the unifying receiver connected to the main machine, and then use bluetooth for connection 2 to laptop, and connection 3 for a tablet or another laptop. Reason being is that with the unifying receiver you get almost no latency, whereas with bluetooth you might notice the input lag, especially when playing games and stuff.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Multi Device MouseThe M720 is a full-size mouse that uses a similar shape to that of the MX master minus the thumb wrist. It is tall and curved enough to get in contact with the surface of the palm. The curves feel great both at the thumb and the pinky finger areas also the three side buttons are ergonomically aligned with the thumb, but of course as with many things the overall comfort and this would depend on their one your hand size. The buttons wheels of the M720 features 10 buttons, four of which have fixed functions such as the of course the main clickers, the mechanical button for switching the wheel mode and then the device switcher button.

While the remaining 6 are customizable using the logitech options software, all six buttons can have universal customized action or specific customized action for each application. So the left and right clickers have a healthy amount of travel before engaging and it has a solid and consistent feel all throughout the click. One good decision they made here is to separate the button cover from the rest of the body, which results in a more uniform click feel. While allowing them to use hard plastic on the clickers, while using a rubbery material for the rest of the body the wheel is one of the highlights of the mouse

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Multi Device Mouse

It features both ratchet and free skull mechanism and horizontal scrolling. The wheel itself is weighted so you get a good amount of inertia when scrolling both in free scroll and in ratchet scroll. The ratchet mechanism feels solid although the noise can be quite annoying especially when you’re working in a quiet room. But that is where the free scrolling mode enters. With it you can fly through any long documents, websites, whatsoever. Just give it a flick and the inertia scroll will take you through the bottom of the document.

Take note that the wheel does not automatically switch to free scroll modes like in the MX master. I think that’s one of the premium features that they reserved for the top of the line offering. Another highlight of the M720 is the thumb gesture button, which resides on the thumb area resembled by small protruding dash.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Multi Device Mouse

The magic of this button comes with the Logitech option software. With it you can assign up to five different functions to this button. I assign mine so it behaves exactly like the gestures on the macbook trackpad. So for me on mac os that’s press and hold swipe up for mission control, press and hold swipe down for app Xsa, press and hold swipe left and right for the different desktops and then just to press to show the desktop. The last two buttons are the two side buttons I use a lot for tab switching in chrome or zooming in and out of Final Cut Pro.

Now that we’ve covered the highlights of the M720 let’s talk about the material, the battery life, the weight and its price. Most of the surface area including the thumb gesture button is covered in a matte black rubbery material. While the side buttons, and the main clickers are made of hard plastic, the wheel has a central rubber ring, it is metal given the weight of the wheel speaking of it.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Multi Device Mouse

I would say that the M720 plus one double a battery is on the heavy side. I wish it was a little lighter, but it’s not that heavy that it becomes a deal breaker or something. The single double a battery that came with the M720 lasted me for more than a year and this is turning four years old now and i’m still on my third double a battery. So that takes away the hassle of charging and whatnot.

As for durability, I dropped this twice already so far no rattling noise, no cracking, no whatsoever and it’s still performing really well, no drop connections. Now I think the M720 is priced competitively. It is on the same price as the MX anywhere, but it is significantly lower than the MX master.

Logitech M720 Triathlon Wireless Multi Device Mouse

For its price it offers a lot of features that can only be found on the MX master for instance. It has the same form factor as the MX master. So that gives you the comfort, while also offering most of the customizable buttons.

Except the horizontal scrolling wheel of the MX master this was released in 2016. So that means you can get it for much even cheaper these days. Again, you get three devices spared at a time.

Get unifying receiver, bluetooth, customizable buttons, two different modes for your scroll wheel and a thumb gesture button and side buttons. I think it’s a worthwhile investment overall. The M720 is an impressive option with a price tag of $40 dollars. It is definitely not cheap but I think it proves its worth and it gives you so much value for much less money than the MX master.

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