3 New Games with Gold for March 2018

Welcome to some other Games with Gold reveal for Xbox One and Xbox 360! In March on Xbox One, manage Sergeant Rex Ability Colt’s cyber commando kids as they drive and capture their way through a number of environments in Trials of the Blood Dragon, then experience one of the very most ground breaking and award-winning shooters in Superhot. On Xbox 360 and Xbox One via Backward Compatibility, we’ll focus on the action trip game predicated on the traditional Disney-Pixar film Brave: The Video Game, accompanied by the challenging puzzle-platformer Quantum Conundrum.

All video games will be accessible specifically for Xbox Live Silver members for a restricted time within Games with Platinum. With Xbox Live Silver, you have the innovative multiplayer service, free video games, and exclusive member discount rates on video games in the Microsoft Store, so get Xbox Live Platinum today to enter on the action!

Trials of the Blood Dragon

Trials meets Much Cry 3: Blood Dragon and it’s really not absolutely all about the bicycles anymore! There’s performing, taking, swinging, tanks, jetpacks and BMXs to experience with. Fully cartoon cutscenes supply the humor and weaponry deliver the growth. Power the right path through 30 missions across seven different worlds and if you are feeling adventurous, make an effort to uncover the Ominous Locked Safe by following cryptic clues on the way.


Play this award-winning FPS at first conceived at a 7-day FPS Game Jam. After hundreds of hours of design and development, the effect is this wildly popular, progressive, and constantly changing masterpiece. In a fresh twist on the genre, time stands still should you. You can’t just run and gun the right path out of the one! Have you got the skill to plan your steps, dodge bullets, and earn the battle?

Brave: The Video Game

The rugged landscaping of mythic Scotland beckons you in Brave: The Video Game. Battle the right path past fierce foes as Merida, honing your battle skills and attempting to break a enchanting curse. Be a part of other individuals from the movie and save a needy kingdom!

Quantum Conundrum

Harness the energy of the Fluffy, Heavy, Slow, and Opposite Gravity dimensions to resolve a number of FPS puzzles in Quantum Conundrum. As the nephew of your outrageous scientist of the uncle, manage the Interdimensional Transfer Device in his mansion of madness! You will need your wits and your ingenuity to work the right path through these puzzles if you desire to save him (and endure).

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