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PC Gaming vs Console Gaming: Should You Switch To PC Gaming?

PC gaming looks great allowing games to run on max settings, use of ray tracing, streaming, better editing, dual monitors, and so on. However, the price of building a new PC from scratch isn’t very enticing.

The next gen

The next gen consoles can run games on 4k 60FPS and 120FPS, meaning that previous frame rate jump has been massively reduced. They can also use ray tracing to some extent, and have an extremly low entry fee with the xbox series S costing only $299 and the more powerful series X costing $499 with the PS5 following that same price tag.

While Microsoft and Sony were having their annual measuring contest with the release date and pricing of the new consoles, Nvidia came out and uppercutted anyone who recently brought a 2080 TI graphics card with the new 3000 series. Someone who doesn’t even play on PC this thing is really enticing.

Building a PC

Phanteks NEON DigitalI have been looking into building a PC for a couple years now, but I wanted to wait for the new consoles to see what they had in storeI and whilE I am very impressed with the series X and PS5 specs, I’m about 50 50 on building a PC with a new 3080 GPU and given up on the console experience. But I’m just not too sure yet why i want to stick with the series X.

Ever since the new 3000 series was revealed, the PC fanboys have been going rampant talking about and it’s funny keep hearing the same thing. Well… you know I was thinking about buying the series X, but now with this new 3000 series there’s just no reason to buy a console. And if you want the best overall gaming experience the PC is definitely the best choice.

So I’ll give you my opinion, the pros and cons to the next gen consoles vs PC gaming. I think a lot of gamers are kind of in the same boat, where they want to upgrade but don’t fully know if it’s worth it for them. There’s no reason to buy a series X then, there’s no reason to buy the PS5 either, because a lot of Playstation exclusives are going to PC, and we know that they’re going to keep doing this. We don’t know if it’s going to be all Playstation exclusives, we don’t know if it’s going to be day one, three months, six months, a year, but for the most part a lot of games are going to go to PC.

Gamers choice

So if you are someone who doesn’t want to buy a Playstation and an Xbox, and that’s usually what you do, but you don’t have a PC which is kind of weird, because that’s a very small demographic of people. So if that’s one of the reasons, then maybe it is time to go for a PC now. One reason to stick with consoles is the ease of use, they’re plug and play very simplistic. You put the disk in or click the game and you play, there’s no drivers to install. Every time there’s a new download there’s no faffing about, there’s no 20 different places to go to play your games.

It’s just the one place, very simplistic and if you’re a casual gamer it seems like this would be the best choice for you. I know that some PC players are going to say this is kind of dumb, because you know once you do it a couple times, once you build your PC, and once you install the drivers, and all this stuff, you kind of get used to. It’s not as big a deal when you just learn with it, and yeah that’s true but in general I think most people don’t really care about that kind of stuff, they just want to play their games.


PC Gaming vs Console GamingI hear a lot of PC gamers say is that games are cheaper, well if you’re a digital only player yes, 100% that’s true. However, if you’re still a physical user like me and you do the old, trade your games in, then definitely not. I bought Ghost of Tashima, I traded in two games and I didn’t need to pay anything extra, I just traded it in, simple. And I traded in PS4 console and a few games, and I got a mouse and keyboard, and I didn’t pay $200 bucks for them.

I got it super cheap because I managed to trade them in. If you are a PC player, unless you’re selling your parts, you can’t sell your games to buy things like a controller, to buy a game and mouse or keyboard or another game. You can’t do that because they’re all digital, but again if you are a digital player that’s fine, PC is definitely the choice for you.

The biggest reason to stick to consoles is obviously the price, they are cheaper, but on PC you can do this and that and even edit on it, and you can do customizable streaming, and you can hook up two monitors so you can play runescape on your right screen and watch lana rhodes getting pummeled on your left screen.

That’s great, but that’s really besides the point, we’re not talking about all the other side crap that you can do. You know on an average laptop I can do editing, on my laptop I can do school work, I can write emails, I can watch lana rose on my laptop and to some extent even on your phone.

PC Gaming vs Console GamingComparing Consoles

We’re talking about gaming, when people are comparing consoles to PC they’re comparing it in terms of gaming. If you’re somebody who wants that overall experience then you’ve probably already got a desktop. A full PC but when you’re talking about just gaming, that stuff doesn’t matter. When it comes to the purely gaming experience the new consoles are still the better choice if you’re on a budget. Console is five to six hundred bucks, and that’s not even counting the controller you get which is like an extra 60.

To build a PC as powerful as the series X or the PS5, you’ll be spending double or even close to three times as much. There are some people saying well, I can build it for like $900, yeah you can probably do that and have something as strong as the series X or PS5, but that thing is going to crash and burn in three seconds and you know it is. You need decent components, you need decent parts.

I was up with my friend for three hours trying to build a PC and it went quite the distance, and even if buying a PC as strong as a series X and PS5 isn’t 10 times as expensive. If you’re someone who is switching from the console gaming to PC gaming, you’re not going to want to build the series X or PS5, you’re gonna grab yourself one of those snazzy 3080 graphics cards like I was.

The PC I’ve got planned is going to cost like $1.8k, which is nearly four times the price of the series X and the PS5. I don’t think it’ll give me three to four times the experience. Will the games look very pretty, sure, but they’ll still look pretty on the new consoles, they’ll just look a bit better on the PC. One issue with PCs, and this is not PCs in general, but kind of the community around PCs that’s stopping me from fully wanting to get a PC is I don’t really trust a lot of the reviews online.

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

They’ve never got anything negative to say, and I know that sounds kind of weird to say because, there are no negatives. PC gaming is a great experience which I’m sure it is, but maybe it has no downsides, or maybe it’s because they’ve just spent a ton of money on their race. I can’t admit that consoles can do anything better than a PC or that the UMP wasn’t as big a leap as they may have thought.

I think it could be a mix of both, now I know some people are saying you know when I made the switch I went from 1080p to 4k, I went from 27 frames to 269. Yeah that was the case with the current consoles and the older ones, but with next-gen consoles it doesn’t seem like the 4k to 8k is gonna be a big deal, it doesn’t seem like the 60 or 120 frames per second some games are doing is gonna be as big a leap to the 240 frames.

So the reason why would you want to buy a PC that is mod in. Modding is a big reason to own a PC however, if you like modern you’ve either already got a PC, or a saving up to buy a PC. I don’t think most console gamers even care, so one reason to stick to consoles is depending on what you play.

If you’re someone who plays only FIFA, NBA, Fortnite then no, you don’t need to upgrade to a PC, the consoles are just fine for that. Fortnite is already like 120 frames per second on the current console, it’s probably gonna jump to 240, which doesn’t even matter, because most people don’t have a 240hz monitor.

If you’re someone who just plays very casually UFC, Fortnite and on, then I don’t think the upgrade really matters to you. Another reason to stick to consoles is that the new consoles are going to have ray tracing. We don’t know too much about it, but we know they’re going to have it, we don’t know what capacity is every game going to have ray tracing. If you know let me know in the comments. There’s also issues with performance ray tracing can cause the games to lag a lot. It can cause FPS drops and all these kind of things, so again it really depends.

PC Gaming vs Console GamingStick With It

Lets talk a little bit more about ray tracing, but again this is something that we have to see in time. I can’t predict the future and i know it’s not likely that every game is going to have ray tracing I get it, but we’ll just see how likely it is and to what extent it’s going to run games at. If a game is going to have ray tracing, but run at 30FPS, that’s a deal breaker and that’s a big reason to switch to the PC.

Another reason to stick with consoles or PC even, is the ecosystem a reason to stick to consoles, or the same people that got mad when epic games launched their epic games launcher and you couldn’t play all your games on steam. They’re the same people that will buy an iPhone, and then iPods, and then a MAC, and they’ll buy all these iPhone products. They all know that the android is better, but yet they’ll buy it because of the same ecosystem.

They’ve done a phenomenal job on the Xbox dashboard, it is so quick, it is so easy, so fluid, everything’s around their social tabs. Friends are up to inviting friends to a party and all these other stuff is so simplistic, so easy and I’m also used to it. Changing ecosystems isn’t the easiest thing if you go from iPhone to Android. It’s very annoying and cumbersome.

Another thing that ecosystems offer are features. Features like for example record the last 30 seconds, or take a screenshot, or quick resume. Which is instead of going to the game saving and closing everything off, I just pause the gameI turn off my Xbox, the next day I come on, I turn it on, I go to the game. Literally where you left off you don’t need to load it again.

The series X has a feature where you can actually do that with five games, so if I’m playing like the Witcher 3 I can pause it, switch over to Cyberpunk and then I can do that back and forth without having to close the game down and start it again. PC gaming can do this to, you can have multiple tabs open, but it’s not good for your computer, no one really does that. There are some that are going to say, you know I have five games run at the same time. I highly doubt you do but, either way this is something that I really think is cool and it does make me want to stay a little bit with the 360.

With the series X not only that, but all your games are in one place. On PC you have steam, you have the epic launcher, you have origin, you play microsoft store blizzard launcher and so on. On Xbox and Playstation is literally just your library, go to library pick the game, done. If you’re someone who can only play games a couple hours, a day or maybe a couple times a week, and you just want to get into your games as fast as possible these tiny things do help help a little.

PC Gaming vs Console GamingShould You Switch

The biggest reason to switch consoles, or switch to PC or vice versa whatever is, it’s always you buy the system where your friends play right now. That isn’t as big of a deal because cross play is more prevalent than ever, and probably most games will have cross play moving forward if not all of them. This is something that we’re going to have to see if the future holds to be true. The big leap between next-gen consoles and PC I think has closed, there’s still a difference.

And it’s gonna be noticeable, but it’s not as massive. FPS on a new console is going to be 60 frames per second to 120 frames per second, but for the next year or two you’re still going to have some 30 FPS games on consoles. However, most will be making the 60 FPS jump with competitive games making the 120 FPS jump which a few have already made, Call of duty, Cold war, Halo, Infinite, Rocket league. Competitive gaming on consoles is finally on the level of the PC. I think it’s more of that 1080p to 4k or 4k to 8k difference, it’s a difference, we notice it but it’s just not as meaningful as it was before, it’s not as impactful.

PC Gaming vs Console GamingThis could change and this all depends on developers honestly, because there is good optimization and bad optimization for both PC and consoles. An example of bad optimization for consoles is Assassin’s creed valhalla at 30 FPS on the series X and PS5. It’s bad optimization because Assassin’s creed valhalla is going to be 4k 30FPS on the Xbox one, X and the PS4 pro.

So it should be able to do 60 FPS on the next gen consoles, and bad optimization for the PC is something like Sea of thieves. Sea of thieves is gorgeous on PC but even though it’s more frames per second in terms of graphic, fidelity it looks pretty much the exact same, so does something like Redemption 2.

The lighting is better but the game’s fidelity the actual graphics themselves the textures and things like that, they’re not on that big difference level. I don’t think they’re there, now if every developer was like CD projekt red, where they do great PC ports, then this would be a no-brainer especially for someone like myself. If I look at Cyberpunk using the new Nvidia cards, I can’t watch it anymore, because that literally sways my opinion from 50 to like 90. That makes me want to go and buy a PC and order these parts.

I think it is to see when the 3080 comes out, and if i want to upgrade and even then I may wait a little bit longer. Wait for the series X, see some differences between PC and consoles and then make the switch, because if I notice it, then I will do it but if it’s not as big a difference then I won’t. If I can get most my games on 60FPS with all my competitive games being at least 120, then when it comes to competitive and performance I don’t care really.

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming


If you’re a PC gamer you already have a PC, then it’s a no-brainer you’re going to go grab the next graphics card because you don’t need to build a PC from scratch. If you’re building it from scratch you may want to rethink, unless you have the money to spend. To sum it up, I think anyone with half a chromosome in their head will know it’s all about really two things, price and preference.

It depends on what you play, and how often you play, and how much you want to chill out. If you’re a hardcore gamer you’ll notice the subtleties all the other details, if you’re a competitive gamer wanted to make it pro, a PC is damn near a must. If you’re a content creator, or a streamer, if you love modern PC, is going to help you out a ton, however, if you’re just someone who just wants to play games, no driver updates very good price for performance, once the plug and play doesn’t care about 4k or 8k at 500 frames per second, or seen all these tiny things.

If you’re good with 120 FPS in your competitive games, which let’s be honest is still pretty freaking good, if you’re happy with how great games already look now, if you’re okay with some titles for now hopefully being 30 FPS or 60 FPS, which honestly again only time will tell. The 30 FPS on consoles will be a thing of the past, then the new consoles are going to do you just fine, no they’re not on the level of a 1390 not even close but, they’re still pretty powerful.

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