Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro wireless gaming headset review

Taking a look at another one of Razer’s recently released wireless products, their new flagship headset which is called the Razer Blackshark V2 PRO. I recently did take a look at the Razer Blackshark X or V2X which is a more budget-friendly option of the same line of headsets.

As always stick around to hear about the comfort build quality and features, and whether this is going to be worth the price point they’re asking. You can find the V2 PRO on Gameller marketplace for $180. which is definitely a hefty price tag but not out of line with what we’re seeing from other higher end gaming headsets. In today’s market with Logitech’s flagship headset coming in not even $20 more expensive than this one.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

I have to say let’s take a second to appreciate the boxing. There’s nothing better when you pay quite a bit on a product and you open up the box and right from the very start you get that nice premium feel. That’s definitely what this gave me. Looking at the box, all foam inside, it’s really nice padded down in there. All your accessories, including headset got foam on the top, foam on the inside. Absolutely no worries about it getting damaged in the shipping process. So it’s really nice just to start off your experience with opening it with knowing that everything is packaged so nicely out of the box.

Besides obviously getting the headset itself, you’re going to get your wireless dongle, which is going to be used for your hyperspeed wireless connection. A 3.5 to 3.5 millimeter audio jack for your physical connections, a micro usb to a micro usb, a cable which is for charging. And then finally your departurable microphone, which comes with an included wood screen, also along with an instruction or a Razer branded instruction pamphlet just to help you get started with your headset.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming HeadsetTalking about the build quality, and also the comfort these guys offer, these are definitely some of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever ever worn. Coming at just 320 grams for the weight, which is super impressive for a wireless headset. As far as the padding goes itself, you do get a flow knit memory foam weave, which reminds me of just kind of a sports fabric.

Weave material it’s very breathable, but also super comfortable. You’re not going to get quite the amount of noise canceling that you might expect with something like a leather rat padding. Because it’s a little bit more breathable, so a little bit more sound gets there but still works very well.

I will mention, even though these ear cups are pretty big, fit very easily over my ears. The padding on it is not quite thick enough to keep my ears from hitting on the driver, so i still do get my ears hitting on those drivers. You actually get a nice padding, or foam on top of those drivers themselves, so even though my ears are kind of bumping up in there it’s still very comfortable wearing experience overall. Following that right to the headband, you get that same memory foam on the bottom, making for a really comfortable over the crown of your head.

And then you get this nice kind of leatherette or leather top piece, which is weave down into that memory foam, making this really nice uniform look. Overall the clamping force in these guys is definitely on the weaker side and that might be an issue with some of you guys that may have smaller heads because even when this is adjusted to its smallest size you’re not going to get a lot of pressure down in your head which might cause some issues.

It’s nothing bad, and obviously you’re not going to be shaking your head a lot for normal daily gaming use. Anyways, it shouldn’t be anything that’s going to cause issues in the long run, but just something you guys might want to take into consideration. As far as adjustability goes, in this headset it is exactly the same as their other models.

You have two metal wires on each side, and with the wireless headset you’re obviously going to have a little bit more weight in those ear cups because of the wireless components. They have to stick in there, which didn’t make me a little bit worried at first with how they would do with the metal wires. So far though really nice and smooth gliding up and down, and also doesn’t want to fall out of place. Which was kind of concerning me when you put it on your head.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

You don’t have to worry about it shifting around a whole bunch. Something i really do enjoy about with these metal wires. Obviously there isn’t a built-in swivel mechanism, just because it is fixed on wires but when you put it on your head basically no matter what your head size is.

Between the flex out this way with the clamping force being pretty light, and that swivel point you get here. It’s really going to be nice for accommodating any head size and especially for you glasses wearers out there. It shouldn’t cause any issues with your frames on your head making a pressure point overall. The comfort and build quality of these headphones has been a really big win for me so far, even over long periods of gaming sessions, or just daily productivity use.

For the design on this headset they did black everything out. There’s no green Razor logo slapped on the side of the ear cup or the wire between the ear cup. The headband itself is black too, which I really appreciate. It’s gonna help it blend in with your color scheme at home, not having something green sticking out in your setup. As far as the plastic, two on this one it is a different finish. It’s a completely smooth plastic, which does pick up oils and fingerprints a lot easier than the other ones. But it also does have a really nice premium feel to it.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming HeadsetOn the left ear cup is where you’re going to find all your controls, and also ports starting at the very top one. You’re gonna have your power button, which you either hold down to turn it on or off. It does give you an audio cue to let you know when that’s happening.

Below that you have your either mic mute or mic active button, which doesn’t have an audio cue but it does have a nice tactile tick to let you know when you’ve either pushed it in or released it down. Below that you have your charging port, which is a micro USB, which you can plug into anything to get charged up.

Then below that you have your 3.5 millimeter jack, which can be used for your physical connections. This can be used on basically anything with that 3.5 millimeter jack, even xbox which is a nice addition. Then finally below that you’re gonna have your mic input, which is gonna be where you’re gonna plug in detachable microphone.

You can easily take that off, which is nice. It’s unlike the other ones, which had a fixed mic on them. Then finally on the side which some people might find this tacky, I personally enjoy it, you get that volume roller which does stick out aside. Might look a little weird to you guys. I find it really nice and convenient especially when I’m sitting down playing games. It’s very easy just to reach back there, find that and it does give you a nice little tactile bump in the middle there too to let you know when you’re at half volume for connectivity.

Using Razer’s hyperspeed wireless technology, which every device I’ve used that has this technology boasting from Razer, like their mice and other wireless peripherals. Absolutely no issue with it, and the same story has been for this so far. I’m able to walk even rooms away, shutting doors, without any static or breakup which is really impressive.

These are going to be able to get you up to 20 hours of battery life as well, and for most people that’s going to be like up to a week of just daily use. Depending on how long you’re actually going for, maybe you’re a hardcore gamer. In that case it might not last as long but, always a good rule of thumb just plug your wireless devices in afterwards after you’re done using them. That’s what I usually do, and then you don’t have to worry about that battery being drained off in the first place.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset

Let’s go ahead and talk about the sound that these guys offer. I have to say right off the bat, super impressed with these. Using Razer’s triforce titanium 50 millimeter drivers, which are giving you a frequency range from all the way down to 12 up to 28. Versus the standard, with a lot of gaming headsets which is up to a 20. You’re getting a lot of extra both on your base, and also up into those highs between that extra frequency range. As well as getting those triforce drivers, which is going to help give you that separate space for your three, your mid your highs and then also your base. You can tune those at separate points, it’s really going to help get rid of any muddiness that you might get with a single driver.

Tuning those has been sounding absolutely phenomenal. From watching videos to gaming to even editing it, really does deliver those nice crispy punchy base so not the kind that’s going to roll over your mids and highs and make it muddy, like you might find in some other headsets. As well as delivering those nice clear crisp high notes, with the extra frequency range. It has my main game I’ve been playing right now, is destiny 2, which not only gives you that nice immersive environment during your story and campaign missions, but also has PvP where you really want to hear those audio cues and things like footsteps.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming HeadsetSo far performing really well in both of those scenarios, giving me that immersive environment during those story games but also really be able to help me out when I’m in a high intensity situation like in PvP. So far this headset has been checking so many boxes as far as audio goes. Having that separation between your base your mids and your highs and being able to tune those individually really does help that sound so much.

Without having one or the other overtaking another sound or making any muddiness overall in your mix. The sound stage on it has been absolutely great so far, I would say these are getting so close to being like a studio headphone. Which is really impressive to say for a pair of wireless ones. The mic itself that they’re using is actually a super cardioid mic which is a newer one for Razer, and one of their biggest mics.

During the mic test I’m gonna go over some of the options that they offer in the synapse software for both your mic and then also the audio on the headset. You can mess around with your thx audio surround sound choosing your zones and dragging them how you want to individually.

You can also put your modes on your games if you want to, if you have some games that already are thx like remastered for that. There’s also different modes you can do if you want to do it manually. Under enhancement is where you’ll find some of your things you can do with your audio itself, you can turn on a bass boost. I recommend just going through for yourself.

I personally don’t really like the bass boost that much, but you get sound normalization as well as voice clarity. I don’t mess around with those too much, and I haven’t messed around with it much as far as messing with each individual setting itself. Here you do get some defaults as far as game, movie, music and you’ll see it, just moves the sliders around. These two sound pretty decent, I’ve used them for the different things themselves but you can also set it custom for your highs and your mids and your lows to customize it right in, as you want it.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming HeadsetI just have it all flat, though moving over to the mic you do get a lot of adjustability, which is pretty cool to have. You’ll get some different presets here. And then again you’ll be able to customize exactly how you like.

Really cool to be able to have these features here this is the one thing i did change already i just raised this mic flame to 100 to make sure you guys can be able to hear me okay you also get a voice gate here, you can mic preview it to see how it sounds as well. Then you get some different options for voice normalization vocal clarity and ambient noise reduction.

Overall, there’s a lot of different adjustability options you get in the software which I really appreciate. You can really dial in both your mic and then also your audio to how you like it. I’ve honestly really been enjoying these, and super surprised with the quality. I didn’t even expect it to be as good as it was even with that hefty price point of $180.

I really do think they’re worth it for what they deliver, in both comfort build quality and sound and features. If you are thinking about picking these up i would definitely recommend Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset.



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