Redragon K530 Draconic Wireless Keyboard

Redragon K530 Keyboard Review! Wireless & Hot Swappable!

Today we’re taking a look at a more budget-friendly 60 RGB wireless mechanical keyboard from Redragon, which is called the K530 Draconic. Stick around as always to learn about the build quality features and whether this keyboard’s going to be worth the price and right for you.

TKL Designed 

You can find this keyboard on Gameller Marketplace, and it comes in at just $65, which I would say this is a very good competitive pricing for what this board offers you. In the way of its features you can also find it in an all-black color scheme but the one we review today is in the all-white version.

Out of the box itself, besides just getting the keyboard itself you’ll get a keycap and a switch puller, a USBC cable, then also an instruction pamphlet and a Redragon sticker. And then something cool they include the board, its actually they give you some sample switches because this board is hot swappable. If you’re maybe planning on hot swapping these out for some different ones make sure you stay tuned for that.

Redragon K530 Draconic Wireless Keyboard

Let’s start off with talking about the build quality and design. This keyboard offers, and it does come in a 60 layout. So definitely aim more towards gamers, because you’re not going to have things like your number pad function, row or shortcuts. But as with a lot of other 60 keyboards you get those nice side printed keycaps on here, which is gonna allow you to be able to access almost all those buttons that you’re lacking just by holding things down. Like your magic function key or your function one or function two which will then make those keys available to you.

Hot-Swappable Brown Switches

They are using on all plastic frame design, but even when I was putting some pressure on it absolutely no flex. So really solid built as far as that goes. On the bottom of the keyboard you’ll find four rubber pads, which is just gonna help it stay in place on your desktop. And so for me, no issues with it moving around on the back. You also do get pop-out legs which are going to adjust that into an incline. We only get one stage of legs, so not a couple different adjustments but that’s fine. So if you like it inclined for typing or daily use you have that option available for you.

Redragon K530 Draconic Wireless Keyboard

The cable included with the board is definitely nothing special. It’s definitely not very flexible at all, and it is a rubber design on it. It is a right angled USBC to a USBA. And the reason why is that, you right angled USB-C connector is because for some really strange reason they decided to put the port on the left side of the keyboard. Which for someone like me, who has their desktop on top of their desk and it’s also on the right side.

It’s really horrible having to run out of this left side of the board and then all the way over to that. And then it’s also going to make it really difficult for anyone that likes using custom coiled cables with it. It’s basically going to make it impossible, unless you just want to have it running at a really weird angle on your desk. Don’t know why they decided to put in the side.

Redragon K530 Draconic 60 Compact RGB Wireless Mechanical KeyboardWireless Made Easy

It would have been really great to see it on the back, just anywhere on the back in general. Would have been better than on the side. Don’t worry, because the saving feature of this board is the fact that it comes with bluetooth 5.0.

I will say I have seen some people having bad experiences with it. So far though for my use case it’s worked absolutely flawlessly. Honestly from everything, from typing to gaming I’ve experienced basically no difference between with it, being wired to it, being on bluetooth.

Pairing it is as simple as just having the keyboard on in the first place, and then having that bluetooth switch in one of those spots. If it’s one of those spots, light will be blinking on letting you know it’s ready to be paired. Then you just take your device you want to be paired with and connect it.

You can also have up to three different devices paired with it at one time. And you can just use switch to go between them which is going to be really nice for those of you that maybe want to use it on something like a tablet and then go back to your computer. Or maybe you have multiple computers in the room and you’re going between them that’s going to be really nice to have that functionality included.

For battery life on it, I could not find any specific claims to how long it’ll last. Obviously though, just expect if you have your RGB like really bright and you’re running all the time battery’s probably going to drain out faster. I’ve been using it for a few days now and the battery is only down to 80.

So I’m guessing it’s giving you a decent amount of battery life that could probably last a normal person maybe around a week. Again though, a good rule of thumb just plug your devices in when you’re done with them, then you’re not gonna have to worry about that battery ever dying on you while you’re using it for switches.

RGB Illumination Builder

On this board they’re using what they’re calling Red Dragon’s brown box switch, but they are just outemo brown switches in general. And these are going to give you up to a 50 million key press life span. These are a three pin plate mount switch, so you could swap these out with other altimos if you want.

The one I have today is all browns on it. I think this board is sounding really great honestly, especially for that price point they’re asking for it. Stabilizers are actually surprisingly good too, and you could always do some more extra lubing on the stabilizers if you want to make them even sound a little bit better. The last board I did have without two switches in it was their blues, and those things were just way too loud and clicky for me.

Redragon K530 Draconic Wireless Keyboard

So i really enjoyed using these browns, because they still give you the nice tactile feel to it without being as clicky as the blues were. So it’s kind of a nice balance between the more linear side and then also those really clicky blues. So I really enjoyed it for typing on, and just daily productivity use like i mentioned though, they do include some more switches with it.

So if you guys are thinking about hot swapping them out, you can know what to expect from each of the switches. You guys can obviously form your opinions on which switch sound you like the best because each one’s going to suit a different person. Depending on just what you like, but even having that functionality available to you for just $65 on a keyboard is a great bonus.

Pro Keyboard with Pro Driver

Let’s go ahead and talk about the software and lighting on this board. And the biggest stinker with that is that you have to have that cable plugged in to be able to use the software. So if you’re using that bluetooth connection, you’re not going to be able to as much as open it. And you can’t do a little bit of lighting control on the board itself, but you’re not going to be able to get into nearly as much detail as you can the software.

So if you’re planning on using the RGB lighting on it I would just definitely recommend dialing the software in the first place. In the software itself, you get up to three different profiles to save your settings on you. Get up to also 13 different lighting settings which is pretty good and then you can change on each of those individually your things like your brightness your color and your speed depending on which effect you have chosen.Redragon K530 Draconic Wireless Keyboard

You can also set macros here as well, and so far the software’s been really easy for me to use. The biggest downside is that you can only use it like I mentioned earlier when the keyboard is plugged in with that cable. Because the options on the keyboard itself are limited, so I would definitely just recommend getting the software itself. Overall though, the RGB lighting does look really good especially with the white color scheme. Because it really makes it pop even more. Overall I do think that you’re getting great value for a 60 keyboard here from this offering from Redragon.

Redragon K530 Draconic Wireless Keyboard

The biggest cons, again is that your USBC cord placement and the cord itself, and the fact that you have to have it plugged in to use the software. Those are pretty big bummers, but again the redeeming qualities of this is that you have that bluetooth connection so you don’t have to use it wired.

Having that hot swappable ability too, really nice to see that included and then also, just the build quality overall. I think it feels really solid and I think you’re getting good quality keys and switches and stabilizers for the price you’re paying overall.

I think this keyboard is definitely going to be right for someone that doesn’t want to dish out those premium price tags that some name brands command for their keyboards. But also wants a good entry level 60 keyboard that’s gonna still offer them nice features, and the wireless functionality.

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