Sports Investing - Fully Automatic Sports Picks

Sports Investing – Fully Automatic Sports Picks

Today we’re gonna be taking a look at the set code system called Sports Investing. The set Zcode System analyzes different statistics, different outcomes from different games, basketball, baseball and so on. It delivers you fully automatic sports picks with hundred percent transparent performance for 20 years.

Fully Verified Performance

I’m using this system because it works so well. The set code system analyzes different games in the sports niche, from the past and it can say that a game in the future with a similar setting, with similar players, with similar circumstances will produce a similar outcome. And based on these algorithms the set code system works, and like you already see here this is the graph below, so this is real, this is not fake.
Sports Investing - Fully Automatic Sports Picks
If you do the exact thing that this artificial intelligence system tells you to do, you will earn a steady income from it. Right now I’m six months in the set code system and I have earned a good profit from it. I will show you what awaits you in the set code system. I will show you how it works, like you already see here. You can use that for basketball matches, baseball matches, football matches, hockey matches, and so on.

Sports Investing - Fully Automatic Sports Picks
I’m interested in sports investing, and if I can do that with certain algorithms, and earn money with it, I’m interested in this. That’s why I started the Zcode system, like you already see here you have one membership and the whole year of sports included. This is how it looks developers of the Zcode systems are coming from the currency market scene, from the forex market and they decided they wanted to develop a money-making system that would choose winning picks in the sports niche. Like you see, it does not only work in the forex market it also works in the sports betting niche niche.

High Volume Betting

Imagine if you had an almanac with tomorrow sports results and events, imagine what you could do if you knew the outcome before it actually happened. I was trying to crunch the code to predict tomorrow’s games, but we’ve come as close as we can to the results of tomorrow’s almanac. During the last 13 years Zcode system have been gathering sports data for major league sports, like major league baseball, nhl, hockey, the nfl football and nba basketball. Crunching the numbers, and comparing the stats, analyzing, and back testing everything for years and years to crack the sports code.

Sports Investing - Fully Automatic Sports Picks

To find those repeating patterns and trends to understand what makes teams win, and what makes teams lose, and history always repeats itself. This is true especially in sports where the rules are strictly defined, the outcomes in these situations are very predictable. Of course there are lucky strikes and conditions that are impossible to put into perspective, however those are very small percentages. If you know the past outcome of an event you can predict the results for the game in similar circumstances with a high degree of probability.

As I said before, the past is never a full indication of what will happen in the future, and there is always room for surprises, but again, this is what makes sports fun to watch am I right? However, what is the chance of a team with similar power and player statistics will produce a similar outcome in a similar game in similar circumstances, that percentage is 86.5 percent. That’s right, in 86.5 percent of the cases there will be no surprises and the prediction will come absolutely true.

Tracks Performance Only

Sports Investing - Fully Automatic Sports PicksZcode is proprietary sports investing software that keeps making consistent gains each and every month. The truth is we love sports, but we hate to gamble. What we call this is sports investing, which is similar to any other trading like stocks, stock options and forex trades. This is just way more predictable than today’s flawed economic models with crisis and bankruptcy events.

Here’s how our sports investing works, every day the software is gathering thousands and thousands and thousands of sports data, and results every single event, every single detail, every single player, and every single team. Then it starts the simulation with over 80 parameters in the Zcode formula to come up with a precise and easy to use prediction. It not only tells you who is going to win but also and most importantly where the value is, which means more money can be made.

Guessing the winner is just part of the story, finding a real value is where the money is at. And here comes the kicker, you don’t need to know anything about sports at all, again you don’t need to know anything since the system tells you exactly what to do. Which team is supposed to win, what are the chances of winning and what is the best selection you can make the maximum profit. This allows you to lean back, relax, sip a cup of coffee and watch the events unfold in favor of your wallet.

Each game receives a rating from 1 to 5 stars, which shows you which pick is the most valuable, it’s as easy as that. You put your bets in and you win that’s it, but don’t trust my word on it. Let’s see what hundreds of sports investors, who have joined beta testing group are here to say about Zcode system.

Sports Investing - Fully Automatic Sports Picks

I’ve been following it for a while with great success, and it’s had its ups and downs, but at the end of the month my bankroll ended in a nice plus. So i’ve been using Zcode sports handicapping service and VIP picks for a while with great success.

Don’t gamble. Trade Sports.

The code system works, the sports pick service I actually use right on my ipad. I followed predictions and Zcode website, and I’m just totally absolutely pleased. I have been up to 37 of my original investment bankroll, and I’m very excited watching my numbers grow day by day. Zcode service is top-notch and I’d like to continue being part of the VIP club Zcode system.

Over 11 years of research and analyze sports data Zcode success formula takes into consideration all the stats about every player on every team and their profitability keeps on rolling. I started using Zcode system and sports picks and I did win a small profit.

Sports Investing - Fully Automatic Sports Picks

Guys no matter if you live and breathe sports, or you have no clue about sports, you can start winning, it’s fun and it’s easy. Over the course of the last major league baseball season Zcode system generated over $12.000 US dollars in profits for members with just an average bet of one hundred dollars. Going from one hundred dollars to twelve thousand dollars, now what kind of bank is going to give you that kind of return, none right. And the best part of it is that Zcode system have never had a single losing month ever.

Fully Automated Systems

All picks are documented and proven, each winning and losing pick is available for members to check and verify in the member zone. Again, this is the key to success, not only do you need to win, you need to be able to stash your earnings in your bank account. Then and only then, can you call it a gain or you can call it profit.

Sports Investing - Fully Automatic Sports PicksHow all the sports cappers out there fail, they get lucky and people hop on a winning streak of their gut feelings and their predictions, and they lose it all and start all over again while the bookkeeper smiles, and is happy as a clam. We win because we don’t trust emotions, we win because we follow patterns, and proprietary star winnings.

In the bank money management system sounds like this, could be for you, don’t say yes just yet, just say maybe for right now. Take the VIP service for a test spin for 30 days, and if you have not made money by then with winning picks from Zcode system you’ll get refund every single penny. I am so confident in this system that all the risk is on Zcode system.

Join the VIP club today and receive instant access to the winning Zcode picks and prediction software. You will get plans step-by-step instructions, to guarantee your success no matter if you are a professional sport investor, never heard anything about sports at all, you’re a stay-at-home mom who just wants to make some income on the side or if you’re a regular guy who just wants to fill up your bank account, it’s quick, easy and it’s safe.

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