Fnatic Dash L Pro Gaming Mouse Mat for Esports

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DASH is the most premium mousepad for esports gaming. Thanks to the unique low-friction hybrid F15 surface, experience fast mouse glide whilst maintaining excellent control. It’s built on top of solid natural rubber and is surrounded by an industry-best stitch.



Exceptional surface compounds combines the benefits of both a soft cloth pad and a hard plastic pad. Experience a fast low-friction glide with excellent glide control and stopping power.
– 60% lower static & dynamic friction vs FOCUS 2 and conventional cloth mousepads

Uniform X & Y tracking ensures consistent glide and tracking for all mouse movement directions.
This is the highest sensor-tracking compatbility rate of any mousepad we tested.
[Tested with industry-standard Pixart sensors]
* Pixel Perfect
– 3x lower sensor deviation rate vs ‘gaming-grade’ competitors

Tightly woven micro-knit stitch is the most sophisticated found on any natural rubber base.
Anti-fray guarantees long lasting durability.
Prevents irritation to wrists/forearm or mouse feet when performing fast flicks shots and large mouse movements.

Grippy, textured, dense natural rubber is the preferred grippy base for performance mousepads.
Our proprietary heat-adhesive application enables this surface to adhere to the natural rubber and allow the mousepad to be rolled without damaging the unique surface.
* Super Stable
– High-density rubber provides a concrete platform mouse platform.

[**DISCLAIMER**] The mousepad is not to be rolled with the gliding surface on the inside.

HYPERFAST: Unique F15 hybric fabric enables fast mouse glide with excellent control and stopping power.
ULTRA PRECISE: Uniform and consistent mouse glide in all directions. This is the best performing mousepad for gaming sensors we tested.
MICRO-KNIT STITCH: Industry-best stitch is tightly knit, close to the body of the mousepad, prevents fraying, and irritation to your arms.
ANTI-SLIP GRIP: Natural rubber of high density allows for a grippy and firm base to allow for ultimate mouse control.
LARGE: 19.2″x14.6″x0.12″ is large enough for small and large mouse movements. Perfect for competitive esports.






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