The 2017 Fantastic Arcade Bundle 1.0-Get Six Indie Games in the 2017 Fantastic Arcade Bundle

Fantastic Arcade Bundle 1.0-Get Six Indie Games

The 2017 Fantastic Arcade Bundle is a pack of indie arcade-style games that includes shooters, abstract games and more. This collection includes six games by independent developers, some of which contain further sub-games

New takes on the arcade tradition

Each of the 6 games in this bundle takes an arcade classic genre and gives it a new twist. Forget-Me-Not R is an autofire shoot-’em-up that interprets the main character’s shooting as a curse, while Banana Chalice is a surreal game set in a cat’s dream. The Stakes Are Too High turns the US health care system into an adventure game,
while Rotor is an abstract game with an exciting original soundtrack. Panic Instruments is not just an arcade game but also includes a procedural sound generator. Pipsqueak is a 3d game in which you steer an ungainly creature around a cartoon map.
Each game is relatively short, but some offer plenty of replay value.

Plenty for fans of the new arcade

If you like interesting new takes on classic games, this bundle offers great value. With the range of games on offer, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

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