Tortuga 1667 – Pirate Board Game in a Book

Tortuga 1667 – Pirate Board Game in a Book

From the storybook of the game. Tortuga 1667 pits you, a pirate, and 1 to 8 other players, your crewmates, against a Spanish Galleon sailing in the Caribbean. The discord: they have got treasure and also you want it. This plan and public deduction game unfold as you and fellow pirates interact to loot the booty from the Spaniards…and then possibly against each other to keep every one of the goods for yourself.

As well as the memories of its gripping story and deceitful gameplay, you may enjoy Tortuga 1667’s nifty property, a magnetically-closing faux publication box that packages up all game portions and credit cards, and then stores easily on your bookshelf.

A circular of Tortuga 1667 Board Game should take you about 20 to 40 minutes, and the game is recommended for folks ages 12 or more.

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